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Welcome to our blog, I hope you enjoy your visit here! Here follow a short introduction about us in English. If you want, watch also our videos on YouTube or Vimeo -channel. Pictures of my dogs (etc.) you can find here.

Ledi (Springrotin Chamberlain, born 20.02.2003)
Sheltie male
agility medium 1

Ledi is my own flower boy, my very first dog. He has a lot of fighting spirit, endless appetite, and a great joy of life. Ledi wants to be friends with everyone, he is always happy, smiling and wagging his tail. Ledi loves to dream and sniff what the wind brings.

Java (FI ACH Minimonsin Downpour, born 05.08.2005)
Sheltie female
agility small 3

Java, little crazy black pepper; especially in agility, which is her greatest passion. Java loves to play and run, also eating and sleeping. She is my special and weird dog, a dog just for me. Java has her own little things, she is very smart dog and sometimes I feel I don’t keep up with her :)

”I can fly higher than an eagle, because you’re the wind beneath my wings”

Lux (Minimonsin Mystica, s. 14.3.2011)
Sheltie male

Lux is our wonderful new team member; he is Java’s half brother, a puppy from Hani’s (Java’s mother) latest litter. It’s too early to know what kind of dog he will be in the future, but at the moment he is a very nice and strong sheltie puppy who wants to bite everything. It will be interesting to see how he will be when he grows up. :)


I am from Scandinavia, a girl from Finland. At the moment I am a student and will graduate from school in 2012. I love to do things in my own way, learning this way is important to me. I admire confident, open-minded and positive people, who can laugh at themselves. My greatest passions are dogs and agility. I’m interested in animals' and humans' behaviour. I'm trying to learn more about when I'm teaching other trainers and their dogs. I like photographing, music and also like reading and hearing stories of life. I'll write and analyze everything I can, trust my intuition and believe that we all have something to offer.

Picture (c) Tiina Jurvakainen

“Walk your own way and let people talk.”